5 Day Clean Eating Challenge!

It is time again!! 5 Days! All clean foods… awesomely delicious clean foods😉

The next Sweet, Simple, Nutritious 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge is starting on Monday the 30th September.

Would you like to feel better, look better, have more energy and get better sleep? Then join us! E-mail agodfrey.wellness@gmail.com

Or message me here to sign up! Or visit

Sweetsimpledelicious.com and go to the shopping page to sign up.

I am also offering the program with foods included!! How easy and exciting is that?? Message me for pricing and to join with foods prepared and delivered to you!!

Basic program info below👇🏼

I am looking forward to nourishing, nurturing and thriving with you!

5 Days Clean!

You receive:

~The program via e-mail.

~Daily menu.

~All of the delicious and easy to follow recipes… plus a few bonus recipes!

~Shopping list.

~Daily guided meditation.

~Yoga/exercise recommendations.

~Full support via our private group Facebook page that is only for people who are doing or have done my program!

~Breathing exercises.

You also reap the benefits of doing something so very good for yourself! Look great, feel great, have less bloat and better sleep. Where you give attention you get results!

Are you ready to give yourself a little loving attention in the form of delicious Whole Foods, moving your body and connecting with your inner self? The program (without foods prepared) is $67.00

Message me to join us or email


I am looking forward to thriving with you!

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About agodfrey

I am a Holistic Health Coach, Dance Teacher, and Mum of 2 gorgeous Babes. My mission is to inspire wellness. To help people remember to nourish and nurture themselves so that they can thrive. To ultimately live healthier, happier lives.

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