I am a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition certified and Cornell University Plant Based Nutrition certified), mother to 2 super cool growing humans, a hairstylist (18 years, which I personally think should earn me a degree in psychology of some sort.)

Underneath the following writings, you will find my original words about me. I decided to leave them there as an example of how things can grow and change in sometimes unexpected ways and how over time we can be willing to dig a little deeper to get to our own truth.

When I started my site, I was living in Bermuda with my husband and two sweet babies, I was beginning my journey into taking my passion (bordering on obsession) for foods and nutrition and the psychology behind them, to the next level… a career helping people on a path that I had struggled with for many years! I had lived in Bermuda for 13 years, had an amazing network of friends, loyal clients and well… a pretty sweet lifestyle.

Fast forward a few years and I am living in Guilford CT (a truly sweet and beautiful shoreline town, if we lived in the UK, I would call it a village), I am in the process of a divorce with the father of my children ( A good father I might add) living still in Bermuda, I am starting from scratch in ALL ways! I am now a single parent living in a new place with all new faces around me, navigating a new area geographically,  keep my children feeling loved, secure, stable, make sure they get to all of the places they need to be, figure out how I am going to keep us afloat until I build my business (the story of some of the jobs a have applied for is for another book altogether!) …oh, and heal my heart! Whew! If you had asked me if I could have seen this coming, the answer would have been “Hard no!”. Alas, this IS the current situation and we are making the best of it!

I have been in survival mode for 3 years. I am not in the least being dramatic. I do not tell this as any sort of “poor me” ploy, I am telling the new story because it has changed me as a person, as a mother and as a business woman. I am telling this updated story because if I can do this, and find a way to stay positive, keep my health, keep my figure (mostly), keep my head above water and find balance during this devastating time, then I can help other people do it too! Maybe even time to read a book as well! Seriously! You CAN find time to read a book!

This change in situation also solidified what I already knew, that what we put into our bodies can affect us greatly, the thoughts that we choose to let live in our mind space affect us profoundly and the people we surround ourselves with, our tribe, are a life source. We need to nourish ourselves, nurture our minds and move our bodies to thrive. Every. Day.  This is how I have gotten through the last 3 years and how I plan on showing my children that we can Be, Do and Have all we desire.  It just takes a little planning, patience, consistency and LOVE!

So, I am April Godfrey, I am a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. I help people find balance. I help people find happiness. I help people learn to nourish and nurture themselves to thrive, living healthier, happier lives.

The OG Story below:

My journey with food began a very long time ago.  I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm and have a great start, being nourished with amazing food.  As I grew up, I became very body conscious and I started making different choices. Not always the best choices!! Through “good” eating times and “bad” eating times, I have come to realize how very, very important it is for us to nourish ourselves on all levels and how very, very important the food that we eat is!

My continuing journey is to inspire wellness and self care. We are what we eat and we are what we live. Healing ourselves from the inside out!

We can all be living happy,  healthy lives. Nourishing ourselves, nurturing ourselves and thriving.  The power of feeding yourself well, and keeping a positive mind frame is truly amazing. The universe has our backs! We just have to open up, let things come to us and be ready to say “Thank you”!