I am a holistic health coach, food and wellness blogger, dancer, dance teacher and mum to 2 gorgeous babes.

My journey with food began a very long time ago.  I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm and have a great start, being nourished with amazing food.  As I grew up, I became very body conscious and I started making different choices. Not always the best choices!! Through “good” eating times and “bad” eating times, I have come to realize how very, very important it is for us to nourish ourselves on all levels and how very, very important the food that we eat is!

My continuing journey is to inspire wellness and self care. We are what we eat and we are what we live. Healing ourselves from the inside out!

We can all be living happy,  healthy lives. Nourishing ourselves, nurturing ourselves and thriving.  The power of feeding yourself well, and keeping a positive mind frame is truly amazing. The universe has our backs! We just have to open up, let things come to us and be ready to say “Thank you”!