5 Day Clean Eating Reset



Be inspired, be supported, feel better, have more focus and clarity and find your glow! Take a step to break the bonds with the sweet stuff and embrace more energy!

• Get delicious recipes and a healthy, easy to follow eating plan

• Tips and strategies for success during your program

• Full support from me via text, e-mail

• Daily yoga recommendations

• Daily meditations and mantras

• Private face book page dedicated to re-booters!

• Breathing exercises to get you through the tough spots and help reduce your stress


You will receive the program via e-mail 3 days prior to your start date so that you have plenty of time to prepare. Along with the program you will receive all of the recipes that you need and a bonus shopping list to make things easy!





I am now also offering the option of having the foods cooked/prepared and delivered to you! If you are near enough to me (Guilford, CT) I will drive your re-set box and hand deliver it!



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