Raw Cold Pressed Juices!!

Delivered to your doorstep!

Contact me to see if we are close enough!

The Green One for Clarity

The Orange One for Focus

Combo Package: Small …$25.00  (16 ounces of The Green One and 16 ounces of The Orange One)

Large…$47.00 (32 ounces of The Green One and 32 ounces of The Orange One)

*All raw juices will be delivered freshly made that same day and must be consumed within 3 days time of delivery…which will be REALLY easy because they are so crazy delicious!)

Nutrition and Cooking Class

I come to you and we cook together in your kitchen as I teach you about the foods that we are preparing!


       This is how it works…

First we discuss your needs.

Then we set a date.

I send you a grocery list prior to our date.

I arrive and we get to (fun) work!

The average session is 3 hours of awesome food prepping and cooking fun!

You get all of the recipes as well as a freezer and fridge stocked with delicious and nutritious foods that you will be able to re-create yourself! You also learn about the nutrition of the foods and why we are choosing them. behind our choices!


We can do this one on one, with your family or with a group! Contact me for more Info:

Or Follow me on Facebook @ sweet, simple and delicious and private message me.




Choose Your Re-boot!

Start your new year off with a healthy mind, body and soul re-boot!

Be inspired, be supported, feel better, have more focus and clarity and find your glow! Take a step to break the bonds with the sweet stuff and embrace more energy!

• Get delicious recipes and a healthy, easy to follow eating plan

• Tips and strategies for success during your program

• Full support from me via text, e-mail, face-time or skype

• Daily yoga recommendations

• Daily meditations and mantras

• Private face book page dedicated to re-booters!

• Breathing exercises to get you through the tough spots and help reduce your stress

Let me help you Thrive!


Choose Your Re-boot Pricing

3 day program… $47.00

5 day program… $57.00

7 day program… $67.00

10 day program… $77.00

21 day program… $120.00

I am now also offering the option of having the foods cooked/prepared and delivered to you! If you are near enough to me (Guilford, CT) I will drive your re-set box and hand deliver it!

Cost of re-set with foods:

3 day program… $197.00

5 day program…$277.00

10 day program…$597.00 (2 separate deliveries with foods for 5 day periods)

Give yourself or a friend the gift of healthy living!

Gift the gift of glow!



Health History: This is a 45-60 minute meeting to discuss your areas of concern and goals. Here, we can discuss the best way for you to move forward and which program will be best for you.

Cost: Complimentary

Support for New Mums and Mums Returning to Work: This is a program that we will design together. It can be as little as a consultation to get you started in the right direction to finding the time and energy to take care of yourself as well as your new baby. Or we can set up a longer program depending on your needs.  As soon as these amazing little people come into our lives it is all about them, as it should be of course, but without a healthy thriving Mum, it is difficult for the whole family to thrive. I will give you tips, strategies, recipes and support through this life changing transition. I also work with mums, both nursing or not, who are heading back to the work place. A support system definitely helps ease this transition as well. I cannot think of a more important time in our lives to make sure you are nourishing and nurturing yourself so that you and your baby can both thrive.

The Ultimate Pantry Cleanse: I love this! We can all use a good clear out! I will come to you and we will go through your pantry and refrigerator together to discuss what is already there, some alternative healthier choices and the things you can add to round out the optimal health promoting pantry. Let’s clear out the old, unwanted and not needed. (Unwanted by your body, even if your sugar craving alter ego thinks they are a good idea!) We will also discuss the best organization of things to keep your kitchen running smoothly. A kitchen set up for success will ultimately save you time and money. Who doesn’t love that??

Cost: $197.00

Guided 3 Day Detox: You will receive the 3 day detox shopping list and recipes along with tips and recommendations on how to get through the 3 days as easily as possible. This is a 3 day re-boot to help jump start a healthier lifestyle after a period of over indulgence or stress. It will help reduce sugar cravings and promote clarity and focus. This is a vegan, gluten-free program. You will have my complete support to help you get through this 3 day period via e-mail, telephone, text or even Skype/facetime. This can also be up graded to a 13 day program which includes a 5 day pre-menu and a 5 day post menu, to ease you both in and out of the 3 day detox. This sets up healthier eating habits seamlessly!

Healthy Snacks For Children: We can meet in your kitchen and talk through healthy alternatives for children’s snacking and lunch boxes, all while making a few right there and then. You will receive the shopping list before our meeting so we can jump right in. You will receive the recipes for the snacks we have made, plus bonus recipes. This is approximately 2 hours.

Cost $150.00

Personal Health Coaching: A 6 month program during which time we meet twice a month for an hour. In that hour we will discuss the best way for you to move forward and celebrate your successes also discuss your questions and concerns. You will receive hand outs, information and recipes, have e-mail support and guidance. We will work together to find the lifestyle choices that are best for you to thrive. This is a whole life rounded approach to helping you look and feel your best. We can meet in person, speak on the telephone or meet via skype/ face time, This opens all kinds of doors to ensure we continue our flow of progress and success even during times of travel or getting stuck at the office. It is completely up to you, which ever method of meeting you are most comfortable with.

Cost: $1200.00

Group Health Coaching: This can be done 2 ways: A 3 month program, meeting once a week or a 6 month program meeting once every 2 weeks. This program is the same as personal Health coaching with the benefit of group support. A group can be a small as 2 or as large as 8.

Workshops: Do you have a group wanting to learn more about holistic health and wellness? I will design a program to meet your specific needs. We can discuss the drug we commonly call “sugar” and reducing sugar cravings, or have a work shop on making your own nut milk, with demonstrations and tastings, of course!