Super Energizing Good Morning Smoothie!

So seriously delicious!


I am having to take a break from my beloved coffee… I do not always have coffee in the morning (I prefer green tea) and I certainly feel better throughout the day if I do not have coffee in the morning so although I love the taste and smell, I try to keep it to an occasional cup. Recently  however, having had a  run of sleep deprivation (someday my gorgeous wee ones will sleep through the night, right???) I had fallen back into a daily habit of that gorgeously aromatic little bean! Unfortunately I can tell my body is not happy with me. I get jittery and very tired in the afternoon, so I must say ‘good-bye friend’ and find something  healthier to give me a little kick on the days that I need it.

As I was scanning my cupboards for some energy producing inspiration I came across my maca. Oh that maca! How could I forget the night I discovered the energy boosting superfood? That very long night! That  feeling of  being very alert and very awake but not jittery and sort of unstable the way coffee can make me feel, that was the feeling I had gotten from the little bit of maca I had eaten. It was in the form of some delicious freezer fudge that had been made with a cacao/maca blend. Unfortunately I had eaten it at night! I  spent the rest of the night researching the effects of maca. I had so much energy, it had occurred to me to start cleaning my floors but  I decided that if I started cleaning it might wake my little loves!  So research it was :o) This is what I found…

Maca is a super food, it is in the cruciferous family and is packed with vitamins. Rich in B vitamins and Vitamin C as swell as zinc. Boasted for its energy boosting qualities without the side effects of caffeine.  The list of benefits is long and interesting so I have included this link so I can skip to the delicious part!

Now, I have in my hand a smoothie to super boost me through this morning and I am happy, but I am still missing something. It is the smell of coffee that always gets me, it just smells so good and as I am looking at the grounds I am not going to use I remembered a little home-made body scrub I used to make years ago. I would use coffee grounds and coconut oil to exfoliate, it was awesome. I only use this little mix on my body, I leave my Clarisonic Mia to take care of my face.

So exciting! I am going to have an amazingly  healthy superfood  boost to start the day AND I am going to have silky smooth skin to face the world with, Win/Win!


I used a mix of ground cacao beans and maca powder. You can buy maca powder on its own, but I had picked up this pre- blended mix which has been great. If you are new to maca I would suggest just starting out with a teaspoon. It can be pretty powerful.


Chocolate Maca Energizing Smoothie

1 frozen banana

1 cup almond milk

2 tbsp cashew butter (you can use any kind of nut butter you would like, they all work and are all delicious in this blend)

1 tbsp cacao powder

1 tsp maca powder

1/2 tsp ground vanilla bean powder ( or one tsp of vanilla)

1/4 tsp cinnamon

2 pre-soaked dates

4 ice cubes

-Pre-soak 2 dates in  water over night and remove the stones

-Place all of the ingredients in the blender and blend away

-Enjoy a super energized morning!

Some amazing add-ins for both flavor and nutritional content are:

Hemp protein and Bee Pollen. Use one or the other or add both! I usually add 1 tsp of bee pollen (awesome immune booster) and 1 Tbsp of hulled hemp hearts (a nice boost to your protein intake for the day).


On to my body scrub!


All you need are coffee grounds and some coconut oil.


Mix the coffee grounds and the coconut oil together and get ready to scrub. I bring it right into the shower with me and use on my whole body. Again, I stay away from my face though, I feel as though it is a bit too harsh for our delicate facial skin. Rinse all the remnants away and feel your silky smooth skin.

Perfect to start the summer, or when your skin is feeling dull and sluggish. Say good-bye to drinking coffee and feel great about having it help you look great!

Coffee and Coconut Oil Body Scrub
Coffee and Coconut Oil Body Scrub


I hope you enjoy your delicious smoothie, your gorgeous skin and have an amazing day!

Thank you!IMG_3775

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