-I am a care taker to many people. I am a 41 year old mother to two beautiful, healthy, active children, a full-time nurse practitioner, a wife, a sister, a best friend, and a full-time doctoral student. I take care of many people during a single day. Running was my passion and my outlet. Running 9 miles 2-3 times a week before work with a longer run on the weekend was my routine for many years. I craved my runs. Then one day I started with severe hip pain which resulted in a total hip replacement this past spring. I was depressed, emotionally devastated, and I became burnt out mentally. My eating was out of control and I was beginning to sabotage myself so terribly I scared myself. I needed help. Then, I found April. April and I worked together for 6 months. During those 6 months April taught me how to take care of myself first before anyone else. She taught me how to eat and prepare healthy yummy foods and provided me with other avenues of exercise. April made herself available to me even in the grocery store as I shopped for healthy foods. She has cried with me and supported my journey to Christy. April is so beautiful inside and out, there really is no other. Her goal was to help me achieve mine. It is through April I finally found control and myself. Most importantly, April taught me how to just breathe……… Love you!

C. Socha RN, DNP(c), DCNP, NP-C
Image“April has been my colourist for the past 8 years. Whether I’m doing a photo shoot for an album cover, or I’m going off on tour, it always starts with a visit to April. She is amazing at doing highlights that look perfectly natural and that give me the lift I need. She’s also a sweet and interesting person, with a great sense of humour – so it’s always a pleasure to sit there while she applies the color!” – Heather NovaIMG_9176 ext 300m

As a professional television journalist it’s important that I always look camera ready, whether I’m on assignment for the Travel Channel or Outside Television in the U.S. or for the Bermuda Channel in Bermuda where I’ve lived for six years. Thank goodness then for April Lindell who’s always moved mountains to make me look my best! Her stylish technique and witty banter have kept me coming back year after year and I couldn’t possibly recommend her services any higher!

Copyright Joshua Cogan
Copyright Joshua Cogan
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I wanted to share with you with your input and helpful hints and the addition of 2 classes a week, one spin, one weight training, I have lost a total of 4 inches in total in 6 weeks! Time to step up my game, knowing that success comes in tiny steps for somebody like me.

Thank you for encouraging me.

( Jori Smith)


The 3 day detox was a great experience, I would recommend it to others.

(Dianne Blais)

I loved the detox and would recommend it to anyone. It has changed my life and the way I see things.

Kate lost 5 pounds during the detox and carried on with me to lose 13 pounds in 8 weeks! Awesome!

(Kate Howarth)

I was really apprehensive before starting it and felt  hungry on the first day. However, I was surprised how easily I settled into it and very happy with the results

( Paul Wright , on the 3 day detox)